M4 ガイドライン


口語 / 文語 口語: 50 %, 文語: 50 %
単語数6000 以上
学習期間目安576 時間 (24ヶ月以上)
Guideline for test-takers (M4 Level)

M4 level is the Advanced level of Myanmar Language Test. It is intended to evaluate the candidates’ knowledge of advanced vocabularies and difficult paragraph reading. It is mainly for advanced learners of Burmese who are able to communicate like a native or in a business situation and read the paragraph with advanced level usage.

1: Vocabularies and Grammar from MB to M4 [Vocab range 4000~ 5000] 
2: Advanced Grammar Pattern for fluent and formal conversation.
3: 50% Spoken Style of Language and 50% Written style of Language
4: Learning period: 2 year (576 hours)

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