M3 ガイドライン


口語 / 文語口語: 70 %, 文語: 30 %
単語数2500 – 3500
学習期間目安432 時間(18ヶ月)
Guideline for test-takers (M3 Level)

M3 level is the Pre-Intermediate level of Myanmar Language Test. It offers to evaluate the test taker’s knowledge of conservative vocabulary and grammar in daily life including the usages in newspapers and news.

1: Vocabularies and Grammar from MB to M2 [Vocabulary range 2500~ 2700] 
2: Intermediate Grammar Pattern for fluent and formal conversation.
3: 70% Spoken Style of Language and 30% Written style of Language
4: Learning period:1.5 year (432 hours)

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